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CNN even had another former Dating Game contestant on to astutely comment on what it was like to be on the Dating Game with Alcala. I think he's still bitter about losing out to a serial murderer on the show.If you ask me, he came off creepier than Alcala on the `70's Dating Game clip.) CNN couldn't help to keep the idiotic soundbites coming. Too bad Alcala wasn't on Jeopardy, they could have said: "The answer: Rodney James Alcala.He knew very well that the act of murdering Versace, the Calabrian-born designer whose flamboyant clothes virtually defined “hot,” who tarted up the likes of Princess Diana and Elizabeth Hurley but whose gowns also made Madonna and Courtney Love more elegant, would instantly catapult him to where he had always fantasized being: at the center of worldwide attention.

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More than a dozen law-enforcement bodies, including the F. I., were seeking to question him not only about Versace’s murder but also about four others that took place between April 27 and May 9.

The third victim, esteemed in Chicago political and social circles, was much older and very rich, a type Cunanan was known to research carefully.

Real-estate tycoon Lee Miglin, 75, also professed to have been happily married for 38 years.

In regard to Alcala: "They said he was a lady-killer and he really was! The question: Who is getting a death penalty sentence?

" Strangely, CNN devoted most of the segment on the fact that Alcala was on the Dating Game and very little time on the actual people he murdered.

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