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From Kentucky: I’ve been in an on-off relationship with a married man for five years.

When we met, he and his wife were separated, but about three weeks into the relationship some unforeseen things took place. Because he shared insurance with his wife, he moved back home because of the money situation — or so I was told.

He has a wife, he has children, and he has commitments.

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My current wife and I then went into couples counseling, to deal with the feelings left over from the affair and to start on solid ground. It would have been nice if the affair never happened and if I gave up on the marriage on my own. left/msnbc/Components/Photos/060406/060406_anatomy_vmed_2p.jpg2658100000left#000000 Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist with New York Presbyterian Hospital and a regular contributor to “Today.” Her latest book is “Anatomy of a Secret Life: The Psychology of Living a Lie,” by Dr. Her first book, “Becoming Real: Overcoming the Stories We Tell Ourselves That Hold Us Back,” was published in 2004 by Riverhead Books. I just hope I can gain courage in the future to put my words into actions and say goodbye to this unrealistic dream I have. I was with a very controlling spouse for a very long time.From Tennessee: I wasted five years on a man who kept telling me that "when the time was right" he would leave his wife. The affair woke me up to how miserable I really was.I received no notes saying “I am thrilled to be the other woman, the situation worked out wonderfully, and everyone is so happy about it.” Instead, my responses were from people who learned firsthand the painful lesson that married men do not leave their wives for their mistresses. Let Young Lover know that she's wasting her time and ruining her life. It took me years of therapy to get away from my idiotic mistake.Because there are doubtless many women still in this situation wondering what to do, I decided to share some of these letters here: From Arizona: A few years ago I was in the same position. He's never going to leave, because he has everything he needs right now — her for sex and emotional attachment, and his wife for security. It also took a lot of observation of other couples to realize how horribly dysfunctional the relationship I thought was perfect really was.

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