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This means people who play the game the way the developers intended for the game to be played.You can find a list of legit players here: NOT ever join a public game, and do NOT ever set your network settings to "Open To Public".Unfortunately I didn’t get the choice as to who I could message back, so it was the lucky Clare, 33 for Manchester who would be the subject of my advances. Maybe she just isn’t an Oddball fan — if I had said Slayer I could have been in with a chance. When setting up your profile for the first time not a single question on gaming is asked.Sadly, following my message, that’s where our whirlwind romance ended, as Clare never replied. In fact, there is not one single mention of videogames past the sites name and the enticing picture of an attractive trio cavorting with Wii-motes at the log-in screen (the very same trio are also present over at the Shag-A-Gamer login screen, although the Wii-motes have mysteriously disappeared from view, there location yet to be confirmed).The sexist videos include such choice lines as this: “Some men think us women are high maintenance.They obviously haven’t played Diablo 3.” Date-A-Gamer defies it’s mission from the offset – this is not a site with gamers best interests at heart.PCGames N found that Shag-A-Gamer seemed to be populated with fake or illegitimate users, the majority of which were not even remote videogame fans.

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However, it would seem that finding your perfect partner via the ‘usual’ dating sites isn’t specific enough for some folk, and a whole host of niche websites are keen to capitalise on that.

Instead it just comes across as untrustworthy and at times crass.

If you’re genuinely looking for love online, look elsewhere.

, in a unconvincing, half-baked attempt to be somewhat relevant, will automatically include “internet and “computing” as two of your user profile ‘interests’. The lack of gaming references continues into the profiles of the other users.

Having looked at numerous profiles I failed to see a single mention of videogames or consoles.

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