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But be forewarned that what may look like beautiful table manners in America--is not in fact beautiful table manners in France.

For some reason, it is very rude to keep your hands in your lap while you are dining in France.

These separate histories have often been overlooked in conventional frameworks of Asian American history. They encountered very strong opposition—violent as riots and physical attacks forced them out of the gold mines (citation needed).

The Central Pacific railroad hired thousands, but after the line was finished in 1869 they were hounded out of many railroad towns in states such as Wyoming and Nevada.

This includes so called "finger foods." Bread will always be served with your meal.

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While the rules of eating don't change drastically when you're eating out, there are a few special considerations to remember.While you won't be considered rude for not tipping, it is an appreciative gesture to tip your waiter if he worked well.Something that many Americans don't realize is that the tip that is included in your bill does not necessarily go to the waiters.If you do this and observe carefully, you will almost never err.This is particularly important when we're talking about beginning to eat, drink or anything else.

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