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They should have registered the passports with the police after they arrived. A lot depends on whether your sister's children have dual nationality or only British nationality.

If they have dual nationality then (if I've read the website correctly) it is treated as a personal dispute to be resolved in Libya and in the Libyan courts.

My lovely cousin is married to a Libyan man and they have 3 children together.

This time last year his mum who lived in Libya, passed away in a car accident.

If she can find out where the passports are she might be able to get out of the country without the visa if she claims an emergency at home - she could lie and say her husband wasn't able to join her on the return journey. Would the Libyan Govt expel the children and your sister then anyway?As far as passports go, their passports are the property of the British Government and a court can order an individual to hand them over, although I'm not sure whether that law can be applied internationally (i.e.whether they could force the Libyan police to make him surrender them to the embassy).When they went out there they had to get visas for my cousin and the 3 babies to get into Libya.My cousins husband has a Libyan passport although hes lived in the UK sice he was 8.

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