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By Gustav Jorgenson Jo Ann invited her co worker Harry, over for dinner one night.

Afterward, she, Harry, and her husband Evan were sitting together in the living room enjoying some drinks. I will give you a massage,” said Jo Anne, pushing her friend Harry back on the sofa.

I sat listening to the radio, wondering if she was sucking his cock again. My mind was thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts about them. We got into bed early after we had played around for an hour before deciding to call it a night.

She told me she had made plans for the weekend for us and that she had bought a new dress and shoes for our date night.

We unpack and get on well with […] I woke up in the morning in the middle of them; we had all got hot in the night, the quilt was off us. ” So we went upstairs, Mark in front, me in the middle, and Rob last.

Andrea was the typical suburban milf, about 5’3″, fairly thin and fair skinned, small breasts and a small but round ass.

Before we met each other Andrea was known to be a total slut, whereas I had only been with one other […] “Oh, jeez, look, she’s jerking his pud! ” “This is so crazy, she’s really grabbing that guy’s dick.

“Your girlfriend has a sweet ass,” commented Dave, admiring Cindy’s bare rear which pointed at him.

“Yeah I know,” muttered Bob distractedly as Cindy sucked and stroked his rod in front of his buddy. Cindy pulled her mouth off of Bob’s […] …Continued from Part 1…

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